Client Testimonial

No more control by Sole Distributor/Agent

We were upset when we realize MASTER Korea is the only sole distributor in the regions. No other vendor can quote us. We asked if MRO Market can quote us and they manage to source from USA !! With almost 40% cheaper than the sole distributor, we eventually place order to them and it save us a lot.

Manager, Samsung Display Electronics

We can’t find the product for 3 months…

A product name “TG Multiple Speed Detective Relay” has been in our procurement sourcing list for 3 months. We found MRO and ask if they can find this product. Within a week they come back to us with a quotation.
We were shocked and later we found out this product is made by a small factory in a rural area of Japan. The factory only have “1 salesman” across the whole world.

Purchaser, Kuantan Port Consortium

An obsolete products.

Our production required a chips name Coto Reed to assemble an old model. I have checked around and it is already obsolete, we checked with few giant MNC-chips supplier and they don’t have it. We turn to MRO Market and they manage to find a local stockist in USA who still had the stocks. We eventually bought it from MRO with consignment stockings.

Buyer, Texas Instrument

A brand that don’t have agents/distributors.

Our end user only accept this brand, as they do not want to take risk to change to other brands. But I had a problem where there’s no authorized distributor/agent in my regions.
I asked if MRO Market can source it and give us warranty. They said yes and we strike a deal in 2 weeks time.

Supply Chain, GE Aviation