Endress Hauser Analog pH sensor Orbipac, CPF81

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Orbipac CPF81 is the analog simple solution for pH measurement in harsh environments. It measures reliably and accurately even in fibrous media and at high flow rates. With its integrated assembly, the electrode saves you space and time during flow or immersion installation


  • Suitable for flow and immersion installation
  • Long time stable: Second electrolyte bridge for better protection against electrode poisoning ions such as S2- or CN
  • Robust polymer housing protects against mechanical damage
  • Optional flat membrane suitable for high flow rates, fibrous media, and mining applications


Orbipac CPF81 is the robust pH sensor for processes in mining industries and treatment of industrial water and wastewater. It monitors

  • Flotation
  • Leaching
  • Neutralization
  • Inlet and outlet


Measuring Principle Glass electrode
Application Water, waste water, process, galvanic
Characteristic Resistent against electrolyte poisoning and dirt repellent gel-electrode including process connection NPT 3/4″. Optional with amplifier.
Measurement range pH 0-14
Measuring principle Gel-compact electrode with double chamber reference system, kalium nitrate bridge electrolyte and PTFE-diaphragm.
Design Compact electrode in PPS housing with NPT3/4″ process connection.
Material PPS / glass / PTFE
Dimension Length: 120´mm
(4.68 inch)
Process temperature -10°C – 110°C
(14°F – 230°F)
Process pressure max. 10 bar
(145 psi)
temperature sensor Optional with integrated Pt100.
Ex certification ATEX
Connection TOP68 connection head or fixed cable
Ingres protection IP68

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